Sequoia 2.0

Addictive Blocks-style game


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Quite challenging


  • Poor graphics
  • Same principle as Tetris but harder


If you have ever been addicted to Tetris then you'll probably really like Sequoia. Sequoia challenges you to maneuver shapes to create coherent squares of four by four blocks without touching the screen's border.

The tricky thing is, they arrive very rapidly from all four sides of your screen in quick succession. Keeping up with them is probably harder than Tetris but it also adds a new challenge level to the classic game. The rules are exactly the same as Tetris though as you have to piece together everything in the shortest possible time.

Once you've slotted them together, the lines disappear and the game shifts a gear in terms of speed and complexity. The trick with Sequoia is to make squares but if you lose control of either side of the square and one of the blocks touches the side of the screen, you lose.

The graphics are the big let down of Sequoia though - it's like playing something on a Commodore 64 although its clear that is what the developers have gone for in giving the game a distinctly retro look and feel.

Sequoia will definitely appeal to hardcore Tetris fans but you'll have to put up with some of the worst graphics you'll ever see on a Mac game.

Improved user interface Optimized cpu usage


  • Improved user interface Optimized cpu usage


Sequoia 2.0

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